Upgrade Your Car Hire with Additional Products

In this current climate there are plenty of reasons to search for cheap car hire! There are also plenty of helpful options and ‘add-on’s’ when you do choose to hire a car. Peace of mind allows for happy memories, that is why at 365 Hire, we prioritise your comfort and safety when it comes to your car hire. Here are some of the amenities we offer that make our car hire experience better than the rest:

1. Baby & Child Seats

No matter where you go, you always need to protect your little ones while riding in the car. In accordance with UK laws and regulations, all children under the ages of 12 or shorter than 135 centimeters, whichever comes first, must use a car seat. 

Our cheap car hire in London gives you multiple options for baby and child seats to maximise safety and comfort for the kids. Rest assured that with 365 Hire, you can keep them protected every step of the way with our range of seats. Plus, with our cheap car hire service, all our baby and child seats for your car hire are regularly cleaned and sanitised for your child’s safety and can be selected online when booking your vehicle. 

2. Additional Driver

For car hire in London, and really anywhere in the UK, only authorised drivers are legally able to drive the hire car. The good news is that at 365 Hire, additional drivers can be added to the same rental agreement as the registered driver, allowing multiple drivers to drive your hire car. In order to add additional drivers to your car hire, all drivers will need to bring their driver’s license when the hire car is being collected.

When booking online, it is straightforward when it comes to adding drivers to your car hire reservation. Additional drivers can be added to your car hire by selecting a vehicle and choosing additional drivers in the ‘Add-on options’. Multiple drivers are charged at £13 each day. All additional drivers must meet the age restriction of the hired vehicle.

Every driver must adhere to our Terms and Conditions, just like the main driver on the agreement. All additional drivers will be covered under the same rental agreement as the registered driver.

3. Additional Coverage

Our basic cover package for car hire comes as standard with every rental. It limits your financial liability in the event of any accident, damage, or theft of the vehicle. However, the basic coverage for your car hire does NOT cover interior damage, alloy & windscreen protection, nor does it cover a replacement hire car.

Fortunately, there are more car hire coverage options available! 

Our medium cover package for your car hire includes damage protection, theft protection, roadside assistance, and alloy & windscreen protection.


Our popular Premium package for your cheap car hire in London offers the best protection possible. It reduces your financial liability where there’s damage to the vehicle in an accident, or theft. Alloy & Windscreen protection is included, as well as Interior Damage Protection which protects some parts of the vehicle’s interior. The Premium Protection package also provides a replacement vehicle in the event of any breakdowns.

4. Euro-Travel     

Yet another extremely convenient option for your car hire is Euro-Travel. With Euro-Travel, you can make sure you are covered abroad when you hire a car in London. 

By purchasing our 365hire Euro-Travel Cover, you will be able to drive the car abroad in certain countries, and you will be covered for any breakdowns, or damage to the vehicle resulting from an accident. We will also provide you with documents showing that you are allowed to be in possession of the hired vehicle, abroad.

Once the Euro-Travel coverage is purchased for your car hire, you will receive a booklet with all the necessary documents to take your UK car hire abroad, including details of the breakdown service available and emergency telephone numbers. 

With 365hire Euro-Travel, car hire customers are covered to take the vehicle into the following countries:

  • Andorra
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Gibraltar
  • Ireland
  • Iceland
  • Italy

  • Liechtenstein
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • San Marino
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

Customers who do hire a car from us that wish to take the vehicle abroad post-Brexit will require our written consent, a VE103 vehicle on hire certificate, as well as proof of insurance.

Our dedicated team caters to all car hire customers with a more friendly, and personal approach than the competition. We are always easy to get in touch with and respond to all individual enquiries. All our customers are assigned with their very own account manager, who they can contact at any time.

So, for you next cheap car hire, contact us at 365 Hire!