Why Hire a Car?

The team here at 365Hire provide vehicles on demand for every occasion. From a small car, van, or fancy car for special occasions; we have the right vehicle for you!

If you have never experienced car hire before, you might be wondering why anyone would hire a car in the first place? 

To give you some food for thought, here are our top 3 reasons why people search for cheap car hire:

Holiday – Perhaps you are on holiday, and you were unable to drive to the destination due to the time it would take to drive there. Or if you are visiting from abroad and are not able to bring your vehicle with you. If you find yourself on holiday without your car, you can certainly find cost-effective car hire solutions in London at 365Hire! 

So, if you are visiting from a different country and flew into the area on holiday, your best bet is to find cheap car hire. Do not let transportation be the reason you miss out on holiday. Find cheap car hire in London at 365Hire.

When purchasing our 365hire Euro-Travel Cover, you will be able to drive the car abroad in certain countries, and you will be covered for any breakdowns or damage to the vehicle resulting from an accident. We will also provide you with all the relevant documents you will need, showing that you are allowed to have the hired vehicle, abroad.  To avoid any potential issues along the way!

Travel – The other side of the coin when it comes to car hire is if you intend to travel for work. Consider searching for cheap car hire in Essex and rent a vehicle rather than putting miles on your car! If you expect to be in the car for a while for any reason, why not find a car hire for a luxury vehicle? If you do not want to put wear and tear on your car, cheap car hire is a good option.  It also gives you the opportunity to drive a vehicle superior to your own, without having to buy! If you are traveling for work, your employer might even offer you travel reimbursement for your car hire.

A True Test Drive – Say you’d like to test drive a car, but just a quick ride from the car dealership and back does not give you the true feel of the car you are interested in. At 365 Hire, cheap car hire in Essex will give you that demo you need to figure out whether you want to go big and purchase the car full stop. 

You can rent a car, luxury vehicle, or van for more than enough time to figure out if purchasing a certain car is the right choice. You will be able to see how it feels on the motorway or just around town. When you rent a car in Essex with us here at 365Hire, you will be able to find out if it is a reliable car and what the gas mileage is truly like.

All our vehicles available for car hire come in pristine condition, inside and out, with adequate fuel ready to go. Our vehicles come fully insured, with no mileage limit. All special requests can be accommodated.

Our dedicated team caters to all customers with a more friendly, and personal approach. We are always easy to get hold of and respond to all individual inquiries. All our car hire customers are assigned their very own account manager, who they can contact at any time!

At 365Hire, our car hire services are competitively priced. So why not contact us for reliable car hire services in Essex and surrounding areas!

Phone: 0203 322 6515

Email: enquiries@365hire.co.uk