Top 5 Reasons to Use Long-Term Car Hire

The length of time considered “long-term” when hiring a car can vary depending on the rental company and the location. At 365 Hire, we offer many options to satisfy your car hire needs, one of those options being long-term car hire. One of the perks of our long-term car hire service that our customers prefer is our flexi-lease. Our flexi-lease vehicles allow customers to save on costs with long-term car hire from a minimum of 84 days. 

There are several reasons why someone might choose to hire a car long term, including:

  1. Extended travel: With long-term car hire, travelers have the flexibility to create their own itinerary and explore at their own pace. They can change their plans and stop at places that are not accessible by public transportation or guided tours. If someone is planning a long-term trip or vacation, hiring a car for the duration of the trip can also be more cost-effective than relying on public transportation or taxis.
  2. Business travel: Business travelers may need to rent a car for an extended period if they are working on a project in a new city or if they need to commute between different locations for an extended period. Long-term car hire can be more convenient than relying on public transportation, especially if the business traveler needs to visit multiple locations or if public transportation is not available or reliable.
  3. Temporary relocation: If someone is relocating for a temporary period, hiring a car can be a more convenient and cost-effective option than purchasing a car outright. Our Flexi-Lease vehicles are perfect if you need a car but don’t want to be tied into a long-term contract with a personal lease from a dealership. 
  4. Trial period: Some people may want to test out a car before committing to a long-term lease or purchase. Hiring a car long-term allows them to do this without long-term commitment. Long-term car hire allows people to try out a vehicle before buying which can be a smart decision, providing a more realistic experience of the vehicle and helping the buyer make an informed decision about the purchase.
  5. Emergencies: In the case of emergencies such as accidents, car repairs or unexpected changes in personal situations, hiring a car long term may be a temporary solution while other arrangements are made. In any emergency situation, hiring a car can provide a quick and convenient solution to transportation needs, allowing individuals to respond to emergencies and unexpected events with flexibility and ease. 

Overall, long-term car hire can provide flexibility and convenience for individuals who need a car for an extended period but do not want the commitment or expense of owning a vehicle. With 365 Hire’s long-term car hire, you don’t have to worry about any huge deposits, long term contracts, or the vehicle losing value.

If you are considering hiring a car for an extended period, it is recommended that you contact us directly to discuss specific terms and conditions for long-term car hire, including pricing and any restrictions that may apply. We make it as easy as possible: simply contact us and let us know your requirements and we will let you know what is available!

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