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Vehicle Damage Policy


What will happen if you cause damage to the vehicle during your rental period?

In our experience, our renters drive quite carefully, and few accidents happen. So, cases of damage to the vehicle are the exception rather than the rule. But it is important to understand how we will manage the damage if it does occur.

365hire has implemented a clear damage management policy to explain how we will charge you for any damage caused to the vehicle during your rental.

You may not be fully liable

Depending on the type of protection you bought for the rental you may not have to pay for the damage or you may only be partially liable. See our ‘‘Additional Cover’ section

Types of damage

Charges for damage will vary depending on the type of damage:


If, when you return the Vehicle to us and we inspect it in your presence and:

Light Damage or the need for a Tyre Replacement is identified then, if you acknowledge and agree the damage by signing the statement of return of the Vehicle, we will provide you with an invoice detailing the applicable charges.  Those charges will include a Light Damage Administration Charge; or

Serious Damage is identified or we believe the Vehicle could potentially be a Total Loss and you sign the statement of return acknowledging and agreeing this level of damage then we will have the damage evaluated and send you the following documents:
     – the statement of return of the Vehicle describing all damage identified
     – pictures of the damage
     – an invoice detailing the applicable charges, which will include a Damage Administration Charge and (i) an Engineer’s Charge for assessment of the damage, and (ii) a charge for our Loss of Use of the Vehicle due to its immobilization.

The price for the Light Damage Administration Charge, the Damage Administration Charge and the Engineer’s Charge can all be found in the Tariff Guide.

If you query the damage and decide not to sign the statement of return of the Vehicle then we will apply the procedure described in Section II below and you will then have to follow the process in Section III.


(For example, you leave the Vehicle at the 365hire Branch outside of its opening hours)

If we identify some damage to the Vehicle when we inspect it after you have finished the rental and departed we will send you the following documents:


If you wish to query the damage identified or the applicable charges, you should contact us by email or letter within 14 days of the documents being sent to you. At the end of this 14-day period if we have not heard from you then we may invoice you for the applicable charges.

If you wish to query your damage invoice, you can send a claim to our Customer Services department by emailing or by phoning 0203 322 6515 (which will be charged at the standard landline rate (or similar) but other networks will vary depending on your service provider).

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