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Range Rover SVR

Performance SUV

The Almighty Range Rover SVR is actually a hugely comfortable and refined beast to drive!


Compared to the previous model, it has received a host of tech and interior upgrades. Oh, and it now packs 567bhp…

There’s definitely a perverse sense of joy to be gained from sitting in a 2.3-tonne SUV as it accelerates from a standstill to 60mph in 4.3 seconds. Something this big just shouldn’t be able to pick up speed at such an alarming rate.


Even with the firmer suspension, it rides in the manner you expect a Range Rover should, ironing out ruts and bumps in the road. You sit high up in the firm, but the large supportive sports seats, keep you extremely comfortable throughout the entire journey.


Then there’s the soundtrack, which dominates the SVR’s driving experience. It starts off as a deep, bassy growl before developing into an unhinged, savage roar as the tachometer needle approaches the 6500rpm redline.


It’s excellent stuff and definitely a car not to be missed! Definitely one of the best 4×4’s out there!


4 Large Cases

Fuel Type

Premium Unleaded





Fuel Policy

Full to Full

Delivery & Collection


Panoramic Sunroof


Heads Up Display


Premium Sound System


Heated Seats & Steering Wheel



1 - 3 days hire
£450 per day
4 - 6 days hire
£360 per day
7 - 14 days hire
£330 per day
15 days hire +
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